L'Eau de Miya Shinma Exclusive KOUZOME

L'Eau de Miya Shinma Exclusive KOUZOME

Song Yuan X Miya Shinma

Song Yuan,
Famous writer, pioneer of niche perfume in China

One spring day, I received an email from Song concerning a poem written over 1300 years ago.

She told me that the poem was sent to her country embroidered on a Buddhist monk's robe and evoked the wishes of a Japanese imperial prince.

On reading the poem, the Chinese monk Ganjin/Jianzhen made up his mind to travel to Japon and his mission there laid the basis for a long-lasting good relationship between Japan and China.


Song was born in China, I grew up in Japan; we met in Paris, thanks to the world of perfume.

Together, we are trying to express the meaning of this poem through fragrance.


Though our mountains and rivers are different

Our wind and moon are the same.


KOUZOME is the name for the colour of the robe onto which the poem was embroidered.

Like the noble colour KOUZOME, no matter how the world changes, the nobility of people's hearts will never be lost. Our hearts will surely come together under the same sky.

We believe in this beautiful world.


Miya Shinma



Spicy Woody

Top: Rosewood, Lotus rose
Heart: Rose, Jujube fruit, Clove, Precious woods
Base: Benzoin, Vanilla, Sandalwood, White Musk

L'Eau de Miya Shinma Exclusive KOUZOME