The beauty of nature, memories that come back to mind, and especially emotions…
These are the sources of inspiration from which my creations spring.
I express these sentiments by combining rare fragrances and finely selected scents from throughout the world, they are then slowly matured and refined into perfumes.


Obeying art, obeying nature.

Seasons come and go, flowers in all their glory burst upon us at the moment of their blooming, life bathes in sunlight...
From the eternal beauty of mother Nature, from the memories and emotions evoked by her, are born Miya Shinma perfumes.

The compositions are elaborated to highlight the charm of the original natural fragrance and the luxurious raw materials that are so generously used in Miya Shinma perfumes. In the thematic simplicity of her creations we find the boundlessness of a work of art.


Discovering Miya Shinma

Birth and childhood in the city of Shizuoka, surrounded by verdant nature and pure waters.

Studies in Kyoto, where the fleeting shadow of the grace, elegance, luxe and refinement of a distant past can still be felt today.

Arrival in Paris to immerse herself in the world of perfume, which she discovered by chance and fell in love with immediately.

Dividing her time between France and Japan, she begins the creation of scented objects and customized perfumes. She writes and lectures on the world of perfume.

Rediscovering her roots, she creates Miya Shinma – Parfums, inspired by the rich ancestral culture of perfume in Japan. The originality of this culture is preserved, for example, in the kodo incense ceremony.

The beauty of nature is expressed in Miya Shinma perfumes. In these fragrances, traditional Japanese culture and the rare essences specific to this country combine with precious scents from all over the world and convey a part of the beauty of Japan.

Miya Shinma's compositions are reminiscent of perfumes from a by-gone age and at the same time are imbibed with the modernity of present-day Japan.

Her creative work proceeds like a musical composition, an art form she practised at an early age: listening to the notes of fragrances and the harmonies obtained, she seeks the phrasing of an aromatic melody.