HINOKI (Japanese Cypress)

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Majestic under a tender bark.

Eau de Parfum 55ml

Marriage of wood and citrus.
A light perfume, associating clementine and the king of woods, hinoki, the Japanese cypress.
This precious wood, used in the making of traditional houses and baths, and always present in the Japanese heart, symbolizes strength and tolerance.
A woody, fresh fragrance providing peace and serenity, like the aroma from the bark of the hinoki in the forest, under the soft light of the morning dew.

Majestic Citrus Woody

Top note: Clementine
Heart note: Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
Base note: Amber, Musk

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Japanese beauty, culture and tradition

The perfumes of the Héritage Collection are made on the theme of Japanese beauty and traditional Japanese culture.
On the bottle, the name and image of the perfume appear as calligraphy on Japanese Hanshi paper, emphasizing a very personal style, a blend of originality and simplicity.

MIZU, YUKI, HANA, TSUKI, KAZE, HINOKI... names chosen for their beautiful sonority, are drawn with brush and ink in an artistic interpretation of Japanese characters.
The bottles are presented in a black lacquer box and come with a message from Miya Shinma on traditional Japanese washi paper evoking the emotions and sentiments that her perfume awakens.

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