Eventail parfumé - HANA (La fleur) | Miya Shinma

Perfumed Folding Fan - HANA (flowr)

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HANA (Flower) The exhilaration of flowers. Gentle remanence. Elegant Powdery Floral.

A series of perfumed fans, made from Japanese washi paper and subtle bamboo.
Fan making is a tradition in Kyoto, and these fans are fashioned with craftsman's hands.
With every movement of the fan, a light and refined fragrance permeates the air.
It is presented in an elegant black lacquered box.

I personally designed these fans, which are objects of art in their own right. For this project, I worked with six fan makers of national renown who used only traditional precious materials

To each of these craftsmen their own expertise
-the choice of bamboo
-the composition of the bamboo
-the making of the washi paper
-the pasting of the washi paper
-the marriage bamboo-washi
-the illustrator

These fans will bring you freshness, restfulness and serenity.
A very personal relationship, combining beauty and gesture, will develop. You will discover the art of using a perfumed Japanese folding fan.

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