Kokoroba, carte parfumée - TACHIBANA (Fleur d’oranger sauvage)

Kokoroba, Perfumed Card - ​TACHIBANA (Wild Orange Blossom)

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TACHIBANA (Wild Orange Blossom) : Virility and elegance.Noble and Elegant Fouger.

A card with perfumed petals of Japanese paper.
Send a scented message to your loved one.

Yet if not to you, to whom might I show it?
The flowering plum!
Only the knowing can know both its colour and its scent.

(After a poem by Kino Tomonori, Kokinwakashu anthology)

In another time, during the Heian period (794-1192), the Japanese expressed their thoughts in the form of poetry.
The poetic form usually adopted for love letters and other correspondence was the waka, a short poem of 31 syllables. These poems can express melancholy and sadness as much as a profound love of nature. However, more often than not they were declarations of love, called kokoroba in Japanese. The responses were also in the form of a poem. The message was perfumed with incense and attached to the branch of a blossoming tree. Expressing the essence of the sender's thoughts in only a few words, the poem was dispatched in this manner to the person for whom they were composed.

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