KIMONO YUKI (La neige)
KIMONO YUKI (La neige)
KIMONO YUKI (La neige)
KIMONO YUKI (La neige)
KIMONO YUKI (La neige)


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Thought for a night of snow

Eau de Parfum 55ml

The perfume KIMONO YUKI has been inspired by the clear glint of snow, sparkling in a cushoned silence.
In the night, gardens, distant peaks, soft creamy landscapes are bathed in moonlight. Of what tender image does this pale light make you dream ?

KIMONO YUKI, sweet fougère eau de parfum, toned with striking notes of kumquat, with silky notes of heliotrope, vanilla and ardent notes of black spices. It is the story of a snow covered night of romance, always and forever.

Sweet Fougere

Top note: Kumquat, French Lavender, Japanese Lavender
Heart note: Woody note, Jasmine, Geranium, Black spices
Base note: Benzoin, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Oak moss, Amber

Homage to Kimono

Collection KIMONO is created as homage to Japanese traditional cloth “Kimono” which always fascinate Miya Shinma because of its beauty and their attractive stories.

Fragrances of collection KIMONO are made with ingredients which are used for the fabrication of incense, as sandalwood, clove, oud wood (agarwood) etc., because in old days people were wearing Kimono which was perfumed by incense.

Perfumes realized in a black lacquered bottle, and on the bottle, they have etiquette label made with motif of antique Kimono. Presented in a black lacquered box.