Nouveau Parfum

Refined fullness

KIMONO KAZE, a perfume created from the whisper of the wind in the tranquillity of the Tea Ceremony. Soft like a caress, but sometimes brusque, like a gust of wind across an immense sky. If you listen and hear its murmur, you will find yourself immersed in profound stillness. The presence of this light, earnest breeze is expressed in the fragrance of pine, cedar, cypress and vetiver.
The perfume KIMONO KAZE evokes the gentle brushing of kimonos, one against the other, during the Tea Ceremony, one afternoon in Kyoto.

*KAZE: Wind

Refined Aromatic Vetiver

Top: Yuzu, Pine leaf, Green tea leaf
Heat: Jasmin, Olibanum,Cypress
Base: Ceder, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Musk